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Worktops, Sinks and Taps

Worktop Materials


Formed from natural rock, granite is one of the most renowned worksurface materials. Iconic for it’s dappled appearance, every cut of granite is unique which means that no surface pattern is ever an exact replica. Immensely strong and durable, it’s a failsafe choice for those favouring natural stone


More consistent than granite and lower maintenance than marble, quartz is known for it’s durability, it’s resistance to chemicals and it’s ease to live with. It performs extremely well in busy kitchens due to it’s stain resistance but comes in such an array pf colours and finishes that it can appear delicate enough to even suit a bedroom or dressing area.


Once the mainstay of the quintessential country kitchen, wooden worksurfaces are now welcomed into city pads as much as those in the provinces. Natural and renewable with a look full of richness and warmth, ours come in a choice of hardwoods – Oak, Walnut or Iroko – and will only grow in character with use and time.


Silestone by Cosentino – is the leading global hybrid surface, a formation of raw materials such as minerals and natural quartz. This recent addition is an environmental success story. The new Hybriq and Hybriq+ technology, using 99% recycled water, 100% renewable electric energy and recycled materials. This is the world’s first zero carbon mineral surface!

Sinks and Taps

Carbon Sinks

Alveus Inset sink, Cadit Carbon, for cabinet 600mm, Single Bowl and One and half bowl.

Copper / Bronze

Alveus Sink, Quadrix 60 Copper or Bronze Sink, for cabinet 800-900mm, Single bowl

Gold, Black or White Sinks

Always your choice for your kitchen!
A huge choice of styles - Traditional to Ultra-modern!